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Boy do I miss non violent weather.

The house sat empty for about a year w/ the heat left on for a good while. I think the radiators were not functioning properly and were spewing steam into the house. As you can see the Jotul stove that’s only a year or 2 old is covered in rust.

A lot of the house needs and is getting rehab work to make it comfortable and much nicer to look at and live in.

The real reason we bought the property was because it has 5 clear acres of pasture.  The view from the front porch aint half bad either. This pic is from the fall and man do I miss the warm weather.

This is the view from our front porch when I’m sitting down drinking a beer or whiskey.

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check this out as I fumble along

This is our new house. We got it as a foreclosure and it was/is in pretty rough shape.  This blogging thing is brand new to me so bare with me as I move along.

I’m going to try and keep this updated w/ what is going on at the property.


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